Marine akwa is a market leader in developping a new vision of aquaculture, combining productivity and natural approach


We invest in research and development to create and develop unique solutions, exclusively made of marine ingredients and dedicated to fish and shrimp farming.


We provide answers tailored to your problems related to aquaculture farming, in order to help you increasing your productivity using sustainable solutions.

  • Marin origin

  • Dedicated & specific

  • Easy to use


In order to guarantee the best quality and the complete traceability of our products, we undertake a strict control from the selection of our marine ingredients to the final products and throughout the complete industrial transformation stages.


Every batch of products is controlled by an independant lab, which is certified by an official quality control department.


Our products are biodegradable and without any environmental impacts.

  • GMP

  • Organic

  • Natural

our team

Our team is not only specialised in aquaculture but also in biotechnologies, industrial microbiology and additives formulation. We put together all our knowledge in these different fields to address issus specific to every species and to provide you with the most suitable solution.


Our R&D team works closely with well-known research institutes and experimental platforms/stations to test the efficiency of our products and to better understand all the mechanisms involved with every species.

exhibitions & conferences

Our Marketing & Sales team participates to several aquaculture exhibitions and conferences worldwide.





2017_AQUAEXPO_Machala & Santa Elena

2017_VIV ASIA_Bangkok

MARINE AKWA conference at GOAL_2018
MARINE AKWA presentation for CREACC_2017 contest